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As part of its Respond, Rebuild, Resilience commitment to meeting the challenges of extreme weather resulting from climate change, PG&E has increased financial incentives for energy-efficient construction practices in homes rebuilt after a wildfire. The enhanced incentives will be available to customers who lost a building in a recent major wildfire like the Tubbs, Carr, and Camp Fires. These customers are eligible for incentives if they pull a permit for a new building by the end of 2019 in PG&E territory, regardless of where they rebuild. Customers participating in the Advanced Energy Rebuild initiative will receive incentives to adopt building practices now that will become required for all new construction in 2020.

The initiative, called Advanced Energy Rebuild, allows homeowners and builders to access incentives. To apply, follow this link. The program is an expansion of the program created in partnership with local agencies in the area. PG&E is in the process of sharing an updated handbook, and it will be similar to the offerings in the Sonoma and Mendocino counties. To view the program handbook for Sonoma and Mendocino counties, follow this link.

Marin Clean Energy (MCE) has teamed up with PG&E, BAAQMD, BayREN, and the County of Napa to also offer an Advanced Energy Rebuild program for Napa County. To learn more about this program for homeowners within Napa County, please click here.

View our program launch webinar recording here. The webinar reviewed why it is important to invest in energy efficiency now, the available programs for homeowners by county, and the application and enrollment processes. Following this webinar, the program was updated to offer the full Advanced Energy Rebuild program incentives to all customers in all counties affected by the wildfires in PG&E territory. EnergyCode ACE has put together a fact sheet for the 2016 Title 24 code regarding residential rebuilds as well. To access the fact sheet, please follow this link.

The following counties are eligible for the Advanced Energy Rebuild Program: Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Solano, Butte, Yuba, Plumas, and Nevada.


Incentives Available by Pathway Option:

Advanced Energy Home

$7,500 incentive per home | $3,750 per multifamily unit

Simple Menu-based Path requirements

Flexible Performance Path requirements

All-Electric Home

$12,500 incentive per home | $6,250 per multifamily unit

Simple Menu-based Path requirements

Flexible Performance Path requirements

Solar Option

$5,000 per home / multifamily project

Solar option requirements

Follow this link to apply for the Advanced Energy Rebuild program.