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The California Advanced Homes Program Master Builder initiative recognized and supported early adoption of advanced design and building practices. Industry leaders participate in this 2016 code-readiness program through the installation of two key 2016 Code measures:

1. High performance attics (including ducts in conditioned space)

2. High performance walls

Master Builder provided additional incentives for builders electing advanced design and construction of either one or both of the two measures. Additional participation benefits included:

  • Increased CAHP incentives for each participating lot
  • Exclusive consulting services from dedicated subject matter experts to guide projects from design to construction, including coordination of design meetings
  • On-site training for design teams and subcontractors, installation guidance from product manufacturers, and coordination with the Workforce Instruction in Standards and Efficiency (WISE) program
  • Potential product discounts from participating manufacturers

Participant builder projects will be part of a statewide case study report that documents valuable lessons learned from adopting these two measures.

For more information on high performance attics and high performance walls, or for additional training resources, including the WISE program, please contact Melissa Buckley via email or phone at (916) 844-0081.



High performance attics minimize the temperature difference between the attic space and the conditioned air that travels through the attic ductwork. This reduced temperature difference lowers energy use for cooling and heating. High performance attics can increase CAHP incentives by $100 to $2,000 per lot.



High performance walls minimize thermal bridging and reduce air leakage. This helps to maintain air temperature within the conditioned space, which reduces HVAC system demands and building energy use. The most common current high performance wall design options include 2×6 framing, either 16 inch on center or 24 inch on center, with a combination of cavity insulation and external continuous insulation. High performance walls can increase CAHP incentives by $100 to $600 per lot.

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