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CAHP incentivizes new construction single family projects that are built to exceed 2013 Title 24 requirements.  The incentives are designed to compensate builders for the additional costs of reaching high compliance margins with significantly higher incentives. The following graph demonstrates an expected range of incentives. The average incentive per home is expected to be $1,000.*
CAHP 2014 Incentive Structure

*This is an approximate value since the program has just launched. As projects enroll and complete, data will be collected and a more accurate projection will be provided.

CAHP Incentive Structure

  • $300 for program entry CAHP Score of 84
  • $100 for each point down to 75
  • $200 for each point thereafter

The custom incentive for each building is calculated by the Title 24 energy modeling software and displayed in the CAHP Incentive Report (CIR). Incentives are specific to the orientation of each building. The minimum performance requirement is CAHP Score of 84. The estimated incentives increase incrementally as the performance of the structure increases and the CAHP Score decreases. The lower the score, the better the incentive.

CAHP Points can further reduce a project’s CAHP Score and increase the associated incentive. CAHP Points are included in the Title 24 compliance software and are shown on the CAHP Incentive Report (CIR).

Future Code Preparation – 5 CAHP Points

Include all of the following measures to qualify:

  • High R-value Walls R-21 + 4 and 2×6 (0.051 U-value or better)
  • Heating and Cooling Distribution Efficiency – Ducts and Air-handler in conditioned space (DCS)/Ductless, or see your utility for other options
  • High Performance Water Heating – Tankless gas or Condensing gas storage water heater, or see your utility for other options
  • Quality Insulation Installation (QII)
  • ACH3 at 50Pa (IECC minimum)

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (formally known as DOE Challenge Home) – 3 CAHP Points

Visit for more information.

Low Energy Use bonus – 5 CAHP Points

<=100,000 kTDV/year

Ultra Low Energy Use bonus – 5 CAHP Points

<=60,000 kTDV/year

High-Efficacy Lighting Credit – 3 CAHP Points

The new high-efficacy lighting credit requires that all permanently installed lighting use high-efficacy sources such as led or fluorescent, and no low-efficacy sources such as incandescent or halogen. Screw-based LED lights must meet the following criteria from the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Color temperature between 2700K and 3000K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 90, or higher
  • Dimmable

Please reference the CAHP high-efficacy lighting factsheet for a more information about the credit, including builder, energy consultant, and HERS Rater requirements.

California ENERGY STAR New Homes Program – Marketing Support Bonus

Projects that comply with ENERGY STAR standards will be offered free ENERGY STAR marketing materials. PG&E will provide a materials catalog including banners, brochures, stickers and more. Each project will be given a budget of $40 per single family unit. For more information on ENERGY STAR and the EPA’s performance guidelines, visit

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