Q1 Project of the Quarter: Shea Homes’ Tilton at the Cannery

PROJECT: Shea Homes: Tilton at the Cannery

  • Average CAHP Score: 64
  • Average Incentive Per Lot: $3,450
  • Percent above Title 24: 41.77%


Builder: Shea Homes

Energy consultant and HERS rater: California Living & Energy


  • Quality Insulation Installation
  • High Performance Attic: R-49 ceiling + R-15 insulation below roof deck
  • Cool Roof: 0.41 solar reflectance/ 0.85 roof emittance
  • Whole-House Fans installed
  • Tankless Domestic Hot Water System with 0.95 EF; Heat Pump Water Heater with 2.33 EF (measures installed across different plan types)
  • Heating and Cooling Distribution Insulation: R-8 duct insulation with specified low leakage
  • HVAC: Split Air Conditioner: 14 SEER/ 12.5 EER / Furnace: 92 AFUE
  • Windows: U-factor (U) 0.3/ SHGC (S) 0.23 (operable) and U 0.29/S 0.21 (sliding glass doors)