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Incentives for Fire Rebuilds in Northern California

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AER Program Overview Flyer: Looking for a snapshot of what AER is and how you can participate? This interactive online flyer is the one for you!

AER Construction Timeline: AER has developed a construction timeline to guide participants through the rebuild process. This timeline depicts how the AER program steps fit into the typical process of rebuilding a standard home.

Program Overview Webinar: To learn more about the program, view the program overview webinar. The presentation covers information about going energy efficient with your rebuild, what your rebuild timeline steps are, how to qualify for the program, the incentives you are eligible for, and how to apply and enroll.

Program Handbook: The program handbook includes all program details, including eligibility and incentive information.

Participating CEA and HERS Rater List: This list includes the program’s participating certified energy analysts (CEAs) and HERS raters.

Title 24 Rebuild Factsheet: EnergyCode ACE has put together a fact sheet for the 2016 Title 24 code regarding residential rebuilds.

AER Program Application: Ready to apply? Fill out the online program application. Visit the How to Participate page for more information about the online application.