CABEC’s Associate Energy Analyst Accreditation

The California Association of Energy Consultants (CABEC) has a new accreditation available, the Associate Energy Analyst (AEA).

This accreditation is targeted to professionals who work closely with the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards as they gain the work experience or energy modeling expertise needed to become full Certified Energy Analysts (CEAs). This would include, but not be limited to candidates new to the energy industry, California Energy Commission staff, utility staff, Building Officials, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers and similar. As with the CEA certification, there will be separate AEA accreditation for the residential and nonresidential energy standards.

The AEA provides professional recognition for passing the multiple choice portion of the rigorous CEA exams without the modeling exam or requirements for CEU’s or direct work experience. The AEA program has been designed and implemented by your CABEC representatives based on members’ requests and feedback regarding the need for an intermediate energy analyst accreditation on the way towards full CEA status.

AEA Requirements:  

  • Be a current CABEC Member (Professional, Associate, or Student) in good standing
  • Pass the multiple choice portion of the CEA exam for the current code cycle
  • Take the Professional Practices Workshop on the CABEC website
  • Except for the initial exam fee, all AEA fees are rolled into CABEC Membership dues!

Candidates that pass the AEA Exam and have their application requirements approved will be listed as an accredited AEA on the CABEC website. The AEA accreditation will be updated with each California energy code cycle.

As a CABEC member and an AEA, each candidate will receive all CABEC Membership benefits, including being listed under the “Find a Consultant” link on CABEC’s website, for potential employers to seek their services.

The AEA is a first step for some candidates to complete the Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) certification, and will work in conjunction with the existing CEA program.

To view the steps to the AEA accreditation, follow this link.