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The CAHP is no longer accepting applications. If you wish to be added to an interest list, please reach out to RNC@TRCcompanies.com.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) offers the California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP) to deliver design assistance and incentives for energy efficient new homes. TRC Energy Services administers CAHP on behalf of PG&E.

CAHP builders work with Title 24 consultants to model homes in comparison to the 2016 Title 24, which took effect in January 2017. The program evaluates homes based on an energy model output score called the Delta Energy Design Rating (EDR). The entry score is a Delta EDR of 3, as the Delta EDR increases, so do the incentives.


To qualify for incentives homes must achieve the minimum Delta EDR of 3. Participants can increase their EDRs and incentives by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Refer to the tables below to find your climate zone and approximate incentive.

Please use the CAHP Incentive Calculator to estimate the incentive for your home and learn more about incentive kickers.


Participants can raise their Delta EDRs and their incentives by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Certain energy efficiency measures are eligible for additional incentive kickers (per home):

  • 2019 Code Home ($500)
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes Participant ($400)
  • Quality Insulation Installation (QII) ($400)
  • 2019 Code Ready ($250)
  • High Performance Attics/Ducts in Conditioned Space ($200)
  • High R-Value Walls ($200)
  • High Performance Fenestration ($200)
  • Reduced Building Air Leakage ($100 – $300)
  • Balanced Indoor Air Quality System ($100)
  • Whole House Fan ($100)
  • Home Energy Management System (increase 0.5 EDR point inland / increase 1 EDR point coastal)
  • 100% LED Lighting (increase 0.5 EDR point inland / increase 1 EDR point coastal)


Review the California Advanced Homes Program handbook and orientation to familiarize yourself with the participation process.

2019 Handbook

Updated 6/12/2019