Testing the 2019-Code Software

The 2019-Code goes into effect January 1, 2020 –  just around the corner considering construction timelines. CAHP and CABEC strongly encourage all energy consultants to test out the 2019-Code beta software (also called research versions) before the code change. Testing will help gain familiarity with software and the new code, test how certain building designs fair, and surface bugs, errors, and missing features to inform the development team ahead of final release.

For residential buildings, the new code includes:

  • More stringent wall and attic insulation values, including QII in the reference baseline
  • A new baseline for electric water heating
  • The Energy Design rating – a brand new method of code compliance that requires a user adhere to both an Efficiency-EDR and a Final-EDR simultaneously (see CAHP’s EDR Fact Sheet for more details)
  • New code modeling tools and methods for PV systems and batteries (CAHP’s upcoming PV & Battery Fact Sheet is scheduled to print in November 2018)
  • Updated TDV multipliers for the 2019 Code – the 2019 TDV multipliers place a large premium value on electric energy saved in the summer afternoon and twilight hours, even more-so than prior code cycles

For the full write up, follow this link.